Our Approach

We believe in providing a quality service. With years of experience we provide one of the best entertainment services in the area. Excellent and good ratings top us vs the starter dj for a cheap rate. We are not the most expensive but we are not the cheapest. We use professional grade equipment and music resources and believe in meeting in person to plan your event and see if we are a fit for you?

Our Story

Elm Ridge Party Center 1988 a young man was washing dishes and wanted more out of life. He loved music and talked to a DJ at a wedding. The rest is history! Since 1989 DJRYANB has been performing for thousands of weddings, hundreds of clubs, and performed in over 30 cities entertaining crowds from kids to adults and the corporate world.

Meet the Team

DR AUDIO VIDEO, LLC is a team of professional DJ's, Photographers, and Videographers that believe in quality and excellent entertainment. We strive to do our best and are trained professionals with experience and educations that back our work.

Ryan Blagg (DJRYANB)

Founder & CEO

DJ, Videographer, Photographer

Valarie G.


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